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The Palm Springs Renovations Co. masterfully re-imagined this home, transforming it into a modern oasis that still pays homage to its mid-century roots. The kitchen now boasts sleek, dark cabinetry and a waterfall island with a white marble countertop, offering a striking contrast that's both stylish and functional. In the living area, large sliding glass doors frame breathtaking views and allow natural light to cascade over the chic, comfortable furnishings. The bathrooms have been elevated to spa-like sanctuaries, featuring geometric tiles, streamlined fixtures, and a freestanding tub that serves as a focal point against a backdrop of dramatic marble walls. The exterior's refreshed façade and expanded patio seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, encapsulating the quintessential Palm Springs lifestyle. This home is a testament to The Palm Springs Renovations Co.'s commitment to excellence, marrying modern luxury with classic design.

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The original charm of this Palm Springs home awaited a fresh touch to unlock its full potential. The kitchen, with its traditional wooden cabinetry and granite countertops, stood ready for a modern uplift. The bathroom's classic layout and design, featuring a large tub and glass block window, yearned for a contemporary revival. The exterior, while structurally sound, required a stylistic update to match the vibrant spirit of Palm Springs. A canvas set for transformation, this home was poised for The Palm Springs Renovations Co's expert touch.


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