Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca: Palm Springs' Mid-Century Gem

Nestled in Palm Springs, "Casa Blanca" stands as a modern tribute to mid-century design. Its white façade, sleek rooflines, and signature breeze block echo classic desert modernism. Inside, teakwood finishes and a blend of vintage and contemporary furniture pay homage to the era's elegance.

The open-plan living area seamlessly merges with the outdoors through expansive sliding doors, revealing a captivating pool and lounging space. Beyond aesthetics, Casa Blanca integrates solar panels and energy-efficient features, marrying style with sustainability.

In short, Casa Blanca offers a refreshing dip into the glamour of 1950s Palm Springs, updated for today's eco-conscious resident.

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Before: Time's Gentle Wear

Upon first glance, the original state of Casa Blanca told a story of a once vibrant home that had felt the gentle wear of time. The iconic white exterior had dulled, and the distinct mid-century design was obscured by years of layered modifications. The windows, though still grand in size, were clouded and less inviting. Inside, disjointed renovations from various decades had muted the original charm of the space. The teakwood, once polished and bright, showed signs of age and the rooms felt compartmentalized, a stark contrast to the open layouts synonymous with mid-century modern design. The backyard, while spacious, was bereft of the character and inviting aura one would expect from a Palm Springs retreat. It was clear: Casa Blanca needed a revival.


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